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“Welcome!” from Rissa of Equine Adventure  11/19/2017

Since 1999 I have offered private horseback riding instruction year round to wonderful families! At your home using your preferred horse… Or in my 60ft round pen with Cleo the lesson horse and star of the show! We can meet at a local indoor arena as well. Yes, lessons for children, preteens, tweens, teens and adults… My cell 406-871-4891.
img_20160616_210559768I travel to your home where you will train on your own familiar mount! Makes sense, and a perfect place to start correcting horse and rider behaviors. Or sign up for lessons riding Cleo at my place on the farm.


Students have fun with versatile horseback riding sessions focused on natural gentling techniques. Each individual may advance task levels at their own pace while we continually evaluate our work using ‘The Basics’.

            Foundation Training & Basics

Be assured these lessons will get you into the basics of any horseback riding discipline or horse-n-rider need with our 4-legged animated creature on ground and in saddle, or into correctly understanding the horse sense of it all! Our approach will also heed cautionary safety tips for people to follow. Soon you’ll find yourself practicing foundation training goals needed every day to work with any horse. Five, 10 to 15 lessons will get you there into “the feel of sixlegs training”. 


All are welcome: Those whom have never been around horses or new to the idea of wanting to own a horse, the very beginner, more confident beginners and even those already riding wanting to evaluate their skills or relationship with their horse.

                                          My Fee

  • All lessons are $45 per hour. Sometimes we go over & that’s your bonus! I can pick up and drop off your child/teen in the Prius if needed, not a problem.
  • Small children are invited to learn by sharing the 15 minute beginning or end of a lesson with a family member during the hour. Or set up a big pony ride lesson!
  • Interested Adults- Ladies and Fellows might want 2-4 hours of instruction in one day.                  
Find Equine Adventure in Kalispell : 406-871-4891, make the call to get started!

Feeling Happy and Clear As The Sky With Horses

                          A Great Equine Adventure

Did you know that mastering horseback riding skills are not only for those wanting to own a horse?

Horse & Rider Basics establish a consistent self awareness dynamic to take Lady Bug The Lesson Horse~ 406-871-4891home AND includes varied movements that contribute to more accurate hand eye coordination ~ centering one’s balance ~ vestibular stimulation ~ right-left brain hemisphere attunement ~ fine and gross motor skill betterment ~ increased tactile perception ~ focused thinking thus fuller comprehension ~ burnt calories ~ heightened self-esteem ~ mood enhancement ~ clear communication skills verbally, vocally & by body language ~

Rissa Cloud Equine Adventure 406-871-4891

And so much more that your smile will show. Join us for a fun restorative challenge with a lot of positive results besides gaining horseback riding skills used to safely hit the trail, show arena or hunts! Yippee yi yo coyo!  

Find Me In The Office of SkyCharmer Consulting!

Equine Adventure LLC & SkyCharmer Consulting are two separate businesses that flow well together if you would like to intermix your goal strengthening.SkyCharmer Consulting with Rissa Cloud

Not About Moving On, Rather Knowing Where You Are At Now ~ Child or Adult

SkyCharmer Consulting is about finding your specific point of location in mind and in life by speaking out loud your thoughts/story within our private conversation. Yes, children or adults based on their own scale… Resolve to put ‘it’ out there and allow possibilities to return in place of where you are disenchanted, stuck or frozen. From there, then gain a better foothold in your life. Create discipline about where you are going on the map we design, motivate by self set rewards… and then let the will to move yourself that fulfilled direction… happen! 

Discussing thoughts, to a proficient outside-other, tones the brain. ‘Fitness’ is not just our outer physical looks. Rather, Deepak Chopra says, “If you want to see who you are now- look at your body. If you want to see yourself in the near future- now look at your mind.”

Yep, Spain! Probably 3rd grade Me...

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